Save Our Buses Campaign Heats Up

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Another few hours of campaigning on Friday 20th December demonstrated yet again the strength of public opposition to the County Council’s proposed scrapping of over 20 bus routes in Wyre Forest.

Wyre Forest Green Party’s ‘Save Our Buses’ stall in Kidderminster went even better than the one the previous Saturday, with 197 letters to county councillors filled in, 321 signatures on the petition, over 60 consultation forms distributed and around 200 leaflets given out which encourage people to do the consultation online.

People were queuing up even before the table, petition and placards were set up as they were eager to sign the petition and get more information.

To date, Wyre Forest Green Party has seen the public sign 367 of our letters to councillors which we will pass on, collected 636 signatures on the petition, given out over 120 consultation forms and distributed over 350 leaflets.

Stephen Brown, Wyre Forest Green Party spokesperson said “The level of anger from the public about the loss of these services is clearly evident, people have been queuing up to sign the petition and our letters. We have been thanked for being the only local party that is co-ordinating action against the bus cuts so giving people a voice. It is obvious therefore that the public feel let down by the council and councillors who are making these decisions, and many people have remarked to us that the council is just too out of touch with the needs of ordinary people who rely on these bus services. People also relay to us their own personal stories about how the loss of the bus services will isolate them, put their school children at risk and cause economic hardship as they will not be able to get to work so will lose their job. This is not just an issue that affects one group of people, it affects whole communities – we have had the young, the old, workers, mothers, schoolchildren, the disabled all coming along to express their displeasure at the loss of services. The message is clear – the council mess with these services at their peril. And that’s what we will be telling the council”.

SOB stall 201213
Pic: Green Party members talking to the public about opposing the bus cuts on Friday 20th December 2013
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